Past events

Henry’s October 2018.

Michael  Vaughan  attended  our  last  event. We are sorry for the lacking  quality and quantity of photos. We were too busy having fun!

Detailed  below  are  just  a  handful  of  the  testimonials  from  the  night.

“What a fantastic evening – thank you so much for the invitation” Richard  (Lawyer)

“Hi Jason,

Thank you for hosting and for inviting me – I thought it was an excellent evening, Michael was extremely warm and entertaining and it was a really good mix of people. I have lots of people to follow up with.



Managing Director

“Hi Jason,

Thank you for the invite! It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and great to hear Michael’s talk.”



Thank you!

Was a great evening. Let me know when you’re in London next. 

Best wishes,
Private Office

Afternoon Jason

Really enjoyed the other night.

Thanks so much for the invitation.



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3rd October 2017 ,The Library Private Members Club, London

Another successful event in 2017, took place at The Library Private members club, London.

Here we had an Investment Strategist from the world's largest fund manager BlackRock, who provided us with some macro-economic thoughts and relevant themes.

 Jupiter spoke about Investing in India and alternative geographic regions.

This was then closed out with a presentation on Vanguards Adviser Alpha.

13th July 2017 , Home House Private Members Club, London

Over the past few years we have held a number of events at Home House Private Members Club, London. The most recent being  on the 13th July 2017.